Small items about small games on the small iThing. Not quite reviews, because I tend to throw something in the bin the moment it irks, rather than dutifully sticking with it FOR YOU as if I were writing for a mag or something. I haven't played a game since about 1898, so watch in bemusement as I explain from first principles this amazing new thing I've found involving the "defence" of some kind of "tower." Why not tell me about a Touch game I should play? I can then stamp you to death because it was about popping bouncing blobs while avoiding other bouncing blobs of a slightly different colour.


All the fun of the er. (Read...)


All-in-One Gamebox 35

by J Nash (Sunday July 11th, 2010)

35/24. (Read...)


5073 Pixels

by J Nash (Thursday July 1st, 2010)

Don't bother with this one unless you're writing css on an iThing. (Read...)


West Bang

by J Nash (Tuesday June 29th, 2010)

Quickdraw item. (Read...)


Crazy Hamster

by J Nash (Friday June 25th, 2010)

Let's go! over this one more time. (Read...)


Look (Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One) But

by J Nash (Wednesday June 23rd, 2010)

It's Techy Corner for the 90s. (Read...)


Inspector Hector (Chapter One)

by J Nash (Monday June 21st, 2010)

Down these mean streets a man must stagger. (Read...)



by J Nash (Thursday June 17th, 2010)

An egg? (Read...)


Touchin’ Roulette

by J Nash (Wednesday June 16th, 2010)

Today's theme: zombs. (Read...)


Little Red Sled

by J Nash (Tuesday June 15th, 2010)