Play By Mail

Every now and then I buy a game several consoles late on Ebay and play it all the way through while e-mailing my top showbiz chums S Campbell, K Gillen and Z Nicholson every impression of the title as it occurs to me, live, for days or weeks at a time. Not so much reviews as unfocused fingery monologues of sequential mind-changing in microscopic detail at punishing length courageously tolerated by a mystified audience of disappointed professionals, this is Play By Mail. (Readers who expected some kind of postally structured competition should consider the title to be Talking 'Bout Last Generation, a punning reference to The Whom, a type of band.)


Psychonauts Post-mortem

by J Nash (Sunday June 12th, 2011)

Miniaturised post-alert. (Read...)


Hurrah! Bah. (Read...)


Serious Sam

by J Nash (Wednesday December 2nd, 2009)

Stop enjoying that game you like, you idiot. (Read...)


Two Thrones

by J Nash (Wednesday November 18th, 2009)

Heartened by the surprise splendour of Rogue Trooper, I decide to try the third Prince of Persia game on the X-Box. What will happen next? (Read...)


Rogue Trooper

by J Nash (Wednesday November 11th, 2009)

Despite Dredd vs Death's rubbishness, spectacularly establishing Mega-City One and then jettisoning it within half a level in favour of shooting vamps and zombs in corridors and, on the X-Box (and I still can't get over this) unalterably setting the control sticks backwards, I also purchase Rogue Trooper. What will happen next? (Read...)


Driver 3

by J Nash (Wednesday November 4th, 2009)

Inspired by the farcical corruption of Drivergate, I purchase Driver 3 four years afterwards in a spirit of fairness and SCIENCE. Divorced from the heated imbecility of the comically inept scandal that burned up the entire game review industry until absolutely nothing changed in any way whatever, can the notorious semi-game provide £3.95's worth of thrilling fun on its own merits? Let's find out over roughly a month and 11,500 words. (Read...)