Manic Depressive Miner

a Something item by J Nash (Monday February 29th, 2016)

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  • Heh!

    Also, yay! You have returned! Several months ago! Erm.

    Come back, J Nash. We miss you.

  • Gosh.

  • Are you ok Nash?

  • Yikes. Sorry, everyone. I was doing some electric housekeeping and found Manic Depressive Miner (which I’d knocked together yonks ago for a “thing” that didn’t come off) so thought I may as well post it.

    Fast forward in a smeary static striped VHS sort of way and I’ve just realised the admin bit of O something has been alerting the wrong e-mail address (for example, when someone subs a com to mod) because I am best at electric housekeeping.

    This is now fixed and, as a disappointing bonus, here is the alternative ending:

    Pop fact! This pic idea was the original catalyst for the whole item and took ridiculous ages to make, then I realised the version was better with Willy laying there quietly, because I am best at everything else too.

    (Also, the extra pic was left super obviously in the page source for poking types but nobody found it. Tch.)

  • Oh my… the jackanapes haunts once again!

  • Yay again!

    The laying-there-quietly version of the end piccy is indeed best, but it’s greatly pleasing to be able to see the unused altern-o-version as well. Good work, sir.

    How are things and stuff, J Nash? We all long to read more of your pretty words.

  • > We all long to read more of your pretty words

    Agreed, daddy-o.

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