Psychonauts Post-mortem

a Play By Mail item by J Nash (Sunday June 12th, 2011)

UPDATE. Gamasutra posted the article online. Phew.

I like Psychonauts. When it came out in 2005 there was a post-mortem article in Game Developer, a glossy paper magazine about developerment of game, but (as far as I could work out) the article wasn’t posted online.

Mentioning Psychonauts earlier today to a chum in passing, I whimmily looked again and immediately found a working link that had been posted at the time and which I missed because I am terrible several years ago or something. It looks all official and everything, so hurrah. (This will probably turn out to be the hacked electric subscription of a tiny zoo-going orphan child of the world, but let’s bustle past that for the mome.)

You can read the post-mortem by ignoring the stupid Flash browser reader thing and clicking Download, which bungs you the (9mb) pdf. This appears to be incomplete, but it’s just a poorly thought-through pdf contents list.

The Psychonauts bit starts on page 30. Page 31 has the stats bar. The article is written by the game’s exec prod, so veers to the blandly expressed, but this does lead to page 36’s world classly colourless version of “so we fired everyone and started again.”

(Link observation thanks to Idle Thumbs. Ththumbs.)

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  • Hrm. It doesn’t seem to work here, J Nash.

  • Matthew Garrett says...

    The link, sadly, insists that it is a restricted site and I must be an authorized subscriber. Bother, eh?

  • You probably need all your browser bits switched on. (The link gave me a blank page in iCab, but was fine in blithely run-everythingness’s Safari, for example.)

  • It’s not the page loadiness, more the “This is a restricted site. In order to access this magazine, you must be an authorized subscribe” message.

  • Baffling. I’ve just tried the link again (in Safari) in case it was blocked immediately after I first used it, but nope, straight in to the viciously awkward Flash browser thing.

  • Weirdly, given that I *am* a subscriber to Games Developer, not only does that link not work (it says “This is a restricted site”) but Aug 2005 (from which that article hails) is not one of the available options for me to look at, as the back issues list jumps from Dec 2004 to June 2006.

    In conclusion, sommat buggered up, unlikely to be fixed on a sunday.

  • It worked fine for me earlier; I probably broke it, or something.

  • You can get here:

    … without subscriberitude, at which point it offers you a list of issues you’re allowed to see. However, August 2005 (which I have cleverly inferred from the beard-strokingly cryptic string ‘200508’), isn’t one of them.

    Perhaps it is remembering J Nash’s superiority by his IP.

  • It’s open, now: at least I’m able to have a browse through the thing.

    I shall read it tomorrow and muse upon my ambivalence toward like the game (bought for a cap-full of MSP a few years back).

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