Further Terrific Stock Music

a Something item by J Nash (Wednesday February 16th, 2011)

Mood Suite: Parsimony

Bright and Early at the Sinister Bakery

Hearse Chase

Mounting Consternation

Consternation Mounting

Reading the Will (With Biscuits)

What an Exciting Town the Tourist Information Board Thinks This Is!

Unwise Foot Pursuit Up Hill

Approaching the Space Cafe

Is He the Murderer?

Is She the Murderer?

Is He the Murderer After All?

Block of Flats

Naughty Danger

Elderlies’ Comicals

Elegance at the Canal

Big Car

Disproportionately Thrilled Patrons of Cheaply Sketched Nightclub

Unwise Foot Pursuit Up Lighthouse

This Looks Considerably Less Fun Than at First Appeared

Mollifying the Gardener

Domestic Fooferaw

Office Fooferaw

War Fooferaw

Jolly Typing

Jolly Picnic

Jolly Guillotining

Catastrophic Disaster (Kazoo)

Action Costermonger

The Incorrigible Glazier

Teasing Dentistry

Closely Examining Four Things

Suspensefully Shuffling the Canasta Deck

Barbara Harris Casts Voices

Posh Bint Swans

Winsome at the Cavalry Charge

Searching For Clew at Unimpressive Disco

Death Drums Across the River

Entering the Magnificent Palace on Skateboard

Creeping Methodically Through Every Empty Room

Phew! It’s a Petrol Station!

Boffin at Funfair

Smuggler Punch-up

Vestry Embarrassment

Praising the Lickspittle Boatswain

Pelting Urchin From Charabanc

Constable on Cocaine

Uninhibited Liaison (Kazoo)

Unwise Foot Pursuit Across Galaxy

Incurring Regret Again

Sophisticated Uptown Shopping and Wickerwork

Flaunting in Riviera

Action Belittling!

Rehabilitated Tapdancing Miser Spurs Competitive Athletics Recovery (aka Delightful Fleet Catalyst)

Poor Johnny A-Go-Go

Incredulous Vicar Facially Vibrating Double-Take

Mostly Intentional Hilarious Death

International Suspicion

Staircase Descent (Circular Staircase Version)

Infant Starvation Samba

Elucidation and Pancakes

Climactic Rapidity Suite (Haranguing the Wealthy — A Cafe Pitstop — Dispiriting the Gentleman — Victory at the Furlong)

Ceremonial Trampling of the Unctuous (Kazoo)

Christ! What Was That? (Kazoo)

The Indemnification of Pamyla (NOT licensed for Pamela) (Kazoo)

Contemptible Massacre (and Presentation By Accomplice Butler of Disreputable Puree) (Kazoo)

Man Blows Kazoo (328-Piece Orchestral Arrangement)

Glockenspiel to Murder

Ribald Doxy Strut

Slide Trombone’s Child Rides Helter Skelter (also suitable for Debilitating Arterial Spray)

Simmering Commuter in Traffic Jam Glances Across at Neighbouring Car’s Improbable Occupancy (But is Not Amused)

Simmering Commuter in Traffic Jam Glances Across at Neighbouring Car’s Improbable Occupancy (and is Highly Amused Then Dies)

Receiving an Undeserved Pasting

Impecunious Restaurateur

Catamite Woodwind Solo

Saucy Anxiety

Big Show Theme With Racial Interjections

Stabbing Chords For Stabbing

Lunch Break at the Sleazy Milliner

After That Dustcart!

Clemency For the Vegetable Puppets

Thumb Disclosing Postmark (Envelope Links Number 7)

Gliding Down the Slipway

Looting the Glovemaker’s

Altercation Between Thieves Becomes Bloodbath

Altercation Between Thieves Becomes Orgy

Unstoppable Revolving Door / Merry Commissionaire

Quotient Montage

Happily Labouring Over the Brickwork

Police Chef

Busking / Busker Sneeze Dislodging Subway Keystone

You Missed Him You Idiot! We’re Going Over the Edge!

Whirling in Petticoats

Revelations Aboard the Autogyro

Not a Very Good Quiz Programme

Castigation (Rolled-up Newspaper)

Duplicity Belowstairs

Castigation (Superior’s Hat)

Someone is Up This Oak

Local Nutcases Chased Round and Round Like Benny Hill By Irate Crim

Wedding on Skis

Stove Montage

Ducal Jitterbug

Pleasantries Among Gunfire

The Excessive Salinity Has Spoiled This Vigorous Backstroke

An Unforgettable Pentathlon

Topple That Taxi

Countermand Previous Cessation (Detachment Escried)

Perilous Hopscotch

Swaggering Hunchback at the Fashionable Supper Spot

Another Case For Inspector Kazoo

The Haunted Cymbals

Hooligan Response

Darting Through the Cornstalks

Mood Suite: Five Lurks and Looms

Romance Trumps Timidity

Charleston vs Whipsaw

Off to Work at the Gymkhana

Carpenting Under Observation

Luxury Casino Suite (Gambling Gaiety — A Turn of the Card — Balcony Disloyalty — Dice Chasers)

Mischievous Mr Elephant

Tuba Solemnity

The Secret of Napalm

Let’s All Go to the Magistrate’s Court

Let’s All Go to the Moon

Let’s All Go By Speedboat

Let’s All Go to Chepstow

Whisked By Parachute

Indignant at the Roustabouts

Muddling Through the Invasion

Last Moments of the Match / Just After the Match / The Match Concluded Quite a While Ago Now

Indeterminate Atmosphere (Wah-Wah Piccolo Version)

Chums in Canoes

March of the Uttermost

A Scurrying Release

Funicular Railway Drama Sting (Elongated Ascending Note Version)

Heavy Tread of Suspense Boots

Counting Coup in 4/4 Time

Funicular Railway Drama Sting (Elongated Descending Note Version)

Could This Flask Provide the Antidote?

Trimming Trees, Fah-Lah

Silly Beeping For Computer Scenes

Turned Out Nasty Again

Plunge Through Universe (Long Version)

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