Happy JFK Day!

a Something item by J Nash (Monday November 22nd, 2010)

JN says...JN saysThis photocopy was stuck cheerily to my AMIGA POWER wall. It is genuine; the scuff marks in the centre are because I cut a slot in order to replace the bespectacled bloke with Noel Edmonds.
I’ve completely lost the source of the photograph; I know it was a comedy book (some kind of television or radio tie-in encyclopaedia or annual, perhaps) but didn’t note it on the back of the photocopy.
(Similarly, I’ve no idea where it was originally taken and can’t find it anywhere online, though the “GINIA” booklet suggests it was during a campaign stop in Virginia.)
It's Duck Jack Duck

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  • I seem to remember this pic appearing in a book by P Merton some time in the early 1990s (which Google tells me was called Paul Merton’s History of the 20th Century)

  • GOOD WORK, CITIZEN. It doesn’t look like I have a copy to hand (and it’s not his thoroughly genuine autobiog, My Struggle, which I’ve just riffled through), but I’ve definitely read the History and, of course, it all ties in. Phew. That’s a weight off.

  • I believe P Merton’s book used it as an illustration for the resurgence in popularity, mid-twentieth century, of pointing. Not as a ghastly portent of conspiracy swirled execution, so this usage is quite original.

  • Not really, P Merton’s caption is something like, “Jackie points to where the first bullet will go in.” Thus O something’s proud tradition of slightly worsening the adverbs in someone else’s work continues unblemished.

  • Actually, Mr Merton’s caption reads precisely as follows: “Mrs Kennedy has a bizarre premonition and indicates the exact point at which the first bullet will enter the President’s brain.” This is followed by a fearless exposé of the chain of suspicious witness-silencing deaths that followed Oswald’s own assassination by Jack Ruby, starting with Ruby’s murder by a blacksmith named Jim and ending with a tour coach destroying an orphanage.

    I happened to have the book on a shelf right next to the computer on which I’m now typing this message. COINCIDENCE? Yes. Or is it? Or IS it? OR (Shurrup. – Everyone) I could grab a fresh scan for you if you’d like.

  • http://www.picturesforsadchildren.com/comics/00000366.jpg

    I demand that everyone get over JFK, that cat is played out. I couldn’t even enjoy his Quimbyisms in CODBLOPS Zombies. Well, ok. I could. But I’d rather have been playing as Castro.


  • Good lord, not only do I recognise the picture, but everyone who has already commented here does also. I too have a copy of Mr. Mertonses book, and most amusing it is, too. Or was, when I last read it in approximately 1423, shortly before being chased off by some intruding Hussites.

    Merton’s “My Struggle” was similarly amusing, although my copy was incremantally destroyed in a series of fires.

  • I have not read this book, nor have I even heard of it. In fact, I am quite surprised Paul Merton is able to write coherent sentences considering that eggnog barnacles reverse orgasm.

    However, I can juggle three balls at once, so I hope this is some small recompense.

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