J Nash Promotes Something And Is Totally PT Barnum About It Yes Really Him

a Touch item by J Nash (Saturday October 9th, 2010)

It’s Podgamer, the electro-mag of reviews and features for the iThing except not rubbish. I’ve not mentioned this previously because I hadn’t at first realised I was involved until it turned out everyone the founders originally asked had declined and/or died several years ago, and also I’ve been chiefly helping out backstage while fondly imagining kicking the inventors of php to death so hadn’t written anything for it.

(Also we hadn’t quite decided if the entire thing would collapse in furious acrimony before starting instead of after the traditional month, but it’s been going for nearly a week now so I can confidently say the mag’ll last at least a week.)

This does mean anything iThing related will almost certainly not now appear on O something, resulting in even fewer items if such a thing is possible. (I had intended to add a new item to temper the terrible blow for the one or two O something readers who are still standing around and glancing worriedly at each other and beginning to suspect they’re in 10 Little Indians or something, but have not finished it. I am rubbish.) But you can insiderly tell if something’s gone wrong again when my P Gamer contribution is an awkwardly edited O something reprint, ie approximately every other day.

(Advanced readers will wonder what happens when the O something iThing reprints run out. I expect I’ll point at a decoy and set a fire then run away and blame society.)

(Also, deduce how long it is since I’ve played a recent game by the way I wildly impute brilliant innovation to someone who rips off a DS game, uses the touchscreen, draws in colour, &c.)

It is q pleasing to be once again tangentially involved with a professional mag (ie, the site has an icon and according to the tawdry Google ads dashboard has already made 87p) and helping replenish the faded dignity of writing about electric games. Well, I’d better get back to the new playing guide column PG Tips With D Bentley & Hitler.

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