The Evil Dead OST Finally No Longer Incomplete Several Years Ago

a Something item by J Nash (Thursday September 16th, 2010)

One of the exc-o-brill things about THNTRNTeiee is that there’s always someone more alarmingly punctilious than you. It’s usually me, hobely ho-de-ho get your hair cut, but now and then I am pleasantly surprised.

If you’ve seen S Raimi’s The Evil Dead, obviously you’re still wondering what the ragtime music is that plays when Ash is set upon in the cellar by the projector and gramophone record, reprised over the closing credits as it appropriately disintegrates into howling mist. You’ll already have discovered it’s not on Joe DoLuca’s OST of avant-garde spooky atony and may have noticed it reappearing in the rubbish cockroach bit of the rubbish Creepshow. You’ll then have tried ineptly to find out for 28 years or so, possibly using the unknown clip as part of a numbingly colossal Marathon Trilogy sound mod you must remember to reup one day as the only available version is incomplete because of an internal misunderstanding and people who have played Marathon will be dead soon. You’ll probably then have given up and had a satsuma.

BEHOLD. The splendid fellows behind Book of the Dead (incorporating the Wilf Lunn-y Evil Dead Chainsaws) plunged ahead and teased the truth from a wickerwork mystery just after you stopped bothering thinking about the whole wretched affair in 2007 or something. The music is, as you suspected, from a stock library. It’s called Charleston, by Erik Markman. The movie version is slightly faster and filtered, but it’s deffo the track. The linked sample is peasy to nick and you craftily append a suitable mp3 as the CD’s missing number. You then go for a celebratory walk through wild and broken land with the rejigged soundtrack playing on your iThing and slip in some mud and fall down quite literally WITHIN THE WOODS and laugh and laugh and laugh. Later that night you are finished off by mongrels.

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