5073 Pixels

a Touch item by J Nash (Thursday July 1st, 2010)

Readers! If you happen to find yourself twiddling someone else’s css and they’re using a very long background pic and this is fine on a computer but doesn’t appear at all on an iPod (Touch or iPhone) despite the Webkit debug console saying everything is perfectly fine, it’s because the max height of a png that an iThing will display is 5,073 pixels.

(Readers to whom this figure might be helpful will notice 5073 isn’t even divisible by 8 in the normal compute-y manner. I ended up uploading pngs in pixel increments to discover the magic number, hobely ho-de-ho. Resultingly I have no idea about max width, or whether this applies to the iPad.)

As far as I can tell, this vitally important information isn’t available anywhere online on the planet, so I’m therefore placing it here in the hope it’ll save someone else an entire wretched day of eye-bursting debugging in all the wrong places with a growing suspicion that Webkit’s not quite behaving. Also, if someone could punch WordPress’s theme uploader to death, that would be trem exc. And whoever’s added the bit that auto-capitalises the middle of the word “WordPress” that I’ve just discovered exists.

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