Look (Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One) But

a Touch item by J Nash (Wednesday June 23rd, 2010)

Quick and boring: as previously mentioned, my Touch is second-hand and came without instructions, so it’s perfectly possible everyone knows this, but: when you sign up for the hideous iTunes Shop, your login name (“Apple ID”) must be a valid e-mail address. If you subsequently want to update your login name (“Apple ID”), the hideous iTunes Shop refuses with a spin of its floorwalker’s heel to let you change it to anything else that isn’t a valid e-mail address. FUME.

Hideous iTunes Shop terms and conditions (page one of ninety-nine)

Yep, that really is page 1 of 99.

While reviewing the latest change of terms and conditions, I happened by accident on a link to a non-hideous-iTunes-Shop version of my account. By some oversight, this version doesn’t care if your login name (“Apple ID”) is a valid e-mail address or not and, accordingly, I’ve successfully changed my login name (“Apple ID”) non-e-mail-y-ily three times as a test, each experiment happily accepted by the hideous iTunes Shop. If you’d prefer a non-e-mail login name (“Apple ID”), undulate your pseudopods towards


(NB: if you try changing your “billing address” to silly rubbish on the grounds your credit/debit card was validated during signup and nobody needs your real postal address for purely electric purchases, Or something cannot be held responsible for the results even though it seems to have worked for J Nash both to download a free game and the pay version by following the advice of the error pop-up and supplying “aa3 3aa” for the postcode, with the hideous iTunes Shop accepting the made-up info and demanding only the credit/debit card security code each time.)

(Limber hacky types who like examining files can confirm that the .ipa .plist of any post-non-e-mail-y-change download contains the new login name (“Apple ID”) rather than the original valid e-mail address.)

What an unastonishingly dull item. Tune in next time for more unappealing adjectives and what might pass in a pinch for jokes, maybe.

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