The Record Straight About My Game

a Something item by J Nash (Thursday April 29th, 2010)

To Gamewow!! Magazine
In your review of my game you state that you could not be bothered finishing the tutorial. There is no tutorial in my game. Thank you anyway for the 9/10.

To Laidba)k Popcult Magazine
Every fact in your review of my game is wrong including the screenshot. I must have sent you the wrong game by mistake. Sorry. Thank you anyway for the B+.
PS I have just discovered I did not in fact send you the wrong game.

To n3cr0monger1
Thank you for your post. You do not have to register for my game. What you are describing is the high score table.

To the Masterplay Brothers Gamepunch Zanecast
Thank you for reviewing my game in your latest episode. I would like permission to quote you. The boxes have already been printed, so I envisage a brightly coloured sticker on the front saying, “This game is, er, er, is…”; “Yeah, it’s a — “; “… game is, um, I thought the clip was cued up there”; “With, um”; (FOUR SECONDS OF CLICKING AND SHUFFLING AND A COUGH); “I’ve been playing it more th — “; “Oh, there we are. So this ga…”; (INCOMPREHENSIBLY BRIEF AND TINNY SAMPLE FROM THE FILM BOONDOCK SAINTS PLUS TWO SYLLABLES OF THE NEXT LINE); “… of ten”; “I think, er, that was too…”; “Ngh, I hit it too soon”; “… too soon”; “What a crazy show!”; “Whooo!”, if that is all right with you.

To emotionpiXLanalyzine
Thank you for the eight-page feature examining the strangely orange sequence in my game. This was caused by my accidentally selecting an unsuitable palette and I have now corrected the error.

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