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a Something item by J Nash (Tuesday February 2nd, 2010)

The dinosaurs didn’t die out. They were murdered. And now Detective Jack Finnegan has 14 hours to find the killer before he strikes again. At people.

This autumn, if wishes were horses then cancerous children will on the whole be disappointed.

WHY didn’t they LISTEN to Thicky Dimbo?

Meet the Constable of Funstable!

Get ready for off-peak.

The most important talking bear motion picture you will see this year.

Those wacky estate agents are back. And this time Douglas has married a vampire!

The movie musical for people who don’t like movies or musicals, or people, or themselves or the cast of Bread.

“Wha — ? I’ve come back from the dead as a foot?!”

Thrills! Chills! Fistfuls of pills!

This Easter, the bunny brings blood.

More punching than humanly possible!

You’ll NEVER guess whodunnit. (It was the granddaughter. She was in the hall with the others at the beginning but we didn’t see her at the door because she was already inside.)

They came in a boat. Then they left in a taxi.

“And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming” — John, 2:28.

I now pronounce you man and aaarghh!

Congratulations, it’s an aaarghh!

Ho ho ho! Merry Aaarghh!

Police? — I’d like to report I’ve been MURDERED. TWICE. With a club made from an ALIEN’S KNEE.

Only she could hear the leaves screaming.

Detective Jack Finnegan IS on Ilkley Moor bar t’at.

The TERRIFYING NIGHTMARE from which you CANNOT WAKE except by pinching yourself or otherwise drifting out of REM sleep.

The story of glucose like you’ve never seen it before.

“Captain — do you think we’ll ever get back home?”
“I don’t know, Lieutenant. Come, let’s once more rub the magic pelvis of high adventure.”

The true story of two gangs who robbed the same bank at the same time — during Ragnarok!

There’s only one rule in five-day exhibition cricket: there are no rules.


A film you can watch again and again and, well, maybe twice.

Two crazy lepers in the world’s shortest car chase!

The incredible true story of some things that happened.

Stabbing cannot stop them… or can it?

Call the laugh police this CHORT-mas when you COP a load of these MINCE-ing SPIES making news-CAPER headlines with their puzzle page cyphers! YULE TI(D)E your funnybone in KNO(UGH)TS (AND (DOUBLE-)CROSSES)!

What if the Nazis had lost World War II?

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